You might look at "Songs of Praise" at the BBC or you may remember Prince William's marriage at the time. Then you know how wonderful English choral music can be. The polyphonic melodies of the hymns, but also the festive ones solemn choir garments make it a special experience. The Anglican Evensongs are also a wonderful experience to participate.

The Choir of King's College Cambridge is perhaps the best example of the impressive, centuries-old English choral tradition. The roots of the ensemble lie in the fifteenth century, when Henry VI founded a boys' choir to sing daily in his chapel. In the meantime, the thirty-member ensemble is loved worldwide, although it does not often give concerts outside England.

The long and beloved English choral tradition has not only been honored by the fantastic choirs that produced the country, many composers also extended and renewed the repertoire. Charles Parry, whose style was strongly influenced by Bach and Brahms, and Charles Stanford belonged at the end of the nineteenth century to the musical standard-bearers of their country. Student Vaughan Willams even became one of the most important composers that England once knew. And finally, of course, John Rutter and Herbert Howells cannot remain unmentioned.

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